Film/Video Production

Crafting the finest quality stories with the latest in production and post-production.

Design & Branding

Our creatives have a winning track record in sculpting key elements for brand recognition.

2D/3D Animation

Tapping a littany of animators across the globe to concept and produce diverse works.

Concept & Strategy

We understand the digital media landscape, and work on success before it's born.

  • The Electron team lead our creative push for new videography and helped us achieve goals we didn't even know existed.
    Nathan Porter
  • Electron spearheaded our national campaign and shoot for Thermacare - making it an easy and affordable, high-quality production.
    Alex Lynch
    Tribal Worldwide, Senior Producer
  • I was amazed at how easy and efficient the team made our project. Thanks again for the ability to steer and produce top-quality vids.
    Shawn Chittle
    Pager, SVP